Moving and shipping Products



Plastic Tape Gun $2.10
plastic tapegunHigh grade blue model with serrated blade reusable & compact holds 2" rolls of tape.
Metal Pistol Grip Tape Gun $6.65 metal tapegun
Serrated replaceable blade for easy cutting safety sealer 3" mandrel adjustable brake professional model holds 2" roll of tape.
Premium Clear Tape 2" x 55 yards $1.50 premium clear tape
Heavy duty 2.5 MIL backing outstanding clarity long term resistance to aging UV resistant.
Fragile Tape Kit $1.50fragile tape
Fragile Tape 2" x 20 yards w/ Dispenser Cutter FRAGILE message tape (printed in RED) great way to highlight and protect your boxes of breakable items! 
Mail Tape $1.50 mail tape
Mail Tape w/ Dispenser 2" x 20 yards clear packing tape on a dispenser with built in cutting blade for customers that need to ship a box or two.


Labels Tags & Markers


Household Moving Label Kit $5.00 moving lables
Color coded for room identification 9 different room labels 140 per package self-adhesive and very easy to apply to boxes ultra-bright colors.
Fragile Moving Labels Kit $3.30 frag moving lables
25 permanent, self-adhesive labels bright red graphics. 
Key Tag Pen $1.30 key tag pen
Handy key chain with comfort grip pen, large hook for keys.
Permanent Markers various markers
$1.30 Waterproof non-toxic black permanent ink long life cap great value.
Twin Tip Marker $1.00 twin tip markers
Marking Pen Permanent Fine and Bold Tip at either end. 


Bubble & Shrink Wrap

Bubble Wrap - BIG Cushion Wrap Roll $50.00 bubble roll
BIG Cushion Wrap Roll large roll 24" wide x 125' long great for customers that ship for a living 1/2" size bubbles perforated every foot for easy tear.
Bubble Wrap Medium Roll $2.30 bubble roll
Cushion Wrap Roll 16" wide x 10' long perforated every foot for easy tear. 
Bubble Wrap Small Roll. $2.50 bubble roll
Cushion Wrap Roll 12" wide x 15' long perforated every foot for easy tear.
Shrink Wrap with Lollipop Handle $8.30 stretch wrap lollipop hand
Stretch Wrap *Loillipop Handle* Roll 5" x 1000' secures furniture while moving.
Shrink Wrap with Rolling Pin Style Handle $17.90 stretch wrap rollingp hand
Stretch Wrap *Rolling Pin Style* 20" x 1000' protects furniture while moving great way to secure odd shaped items.


Covers, Cloths & Blankets

Dust Cover $5.00 dust cover
Dust Cover 10' wide x 20' long
Drop Cloth $1.50 plastic drop cloth
Light Duty 9' x 12' Plastic Drop Cloth
Multi-Purpose Tarp $15.00 tarp
Tarp 10' x 12' Multi-Purpose tarp
Moving Blanket $11.00 moving blankets
Moving Blanket Heavy Duty Quilted


Gloves, Knives & Flashlights

Knives $1.15utility knife
Utility Cutter 
Gloves $2.00 sure grip gloves
Gloves Cotton Sure Grip Surface 
Flash Lights $1.80 led key chain
Flat Key chain LED Light 
Magnetic Storage light $4.80 button work light
LED Button Work Light


Cords, Straps & Rope

Cords, Straps & Rope Stretch Cords $6.65 stretch cords
Stretch Cords 36" 
Ratchet Strap $2.80 rachet strap
Ratchet Strap 15" 
Economy White Nylon Rope $3.15nylon rope
Rope Tie Down (50' nylon)


Garbage bags

Garbage Bags      12 16 gallon large
Size Per Box  Per piece
12-16 Gallon 1.7 mil  $32.18  $0.12 
33 Gallon 1.7  mil $23.53 $0.23 
42 Gallon 1.7 mil   $38.61 $0.39 
55-60 Gallon 1.7 mil $45.27  $0.44



File Box $3.50file box
15x12x10 STACK 3 - 4 HIGH Lift-off lid provides quick and easy file access. Super strong double wall construction on sides and bottom. Convenient die-cut handle at both ends for quick, easy file relocation. Shipped flat for storage and freight savings.
Medium $2.85 medium
18x18x16 200 LB. TEST Holds 3 cu. ft. Suggested use: Kitchen items, toys. 
Large $3.45 large
18x18x24 200 LB. TEST Holds 4.5 cu. ft. Suggested use: Lamp shades, clothing.
Glass Pack Kit $10.80glass pack kit
24x12x12 Extra strength protection for your fragile glasses Cut out handles make it easy to carry. Includes box and partitions. 
Wardrobe $18.80 wardrobe
24x20x46 Move your clothes straight from one closet to another with our wardrobe boxes. Clothes hang on 24" bar (included). 275 lb. test Double Wall box.
Medium Frame Box $4.15 medium frame box
36x5x30 Full-overlap flaps provide extra stacking strength and edge protection. Recommended for artwork, mirrors and other flat or narrow products. 
Large Frame Box $7.25 large frame box
36x6x42 Full-overlap flaps provide extra stacking strength and edge protection. Recommended for artwork, mirrors and other flat or narrow products. 
TV Box $22.30 tv box
50'x 55' Safely ship over sized flat-panel LCD and plasma TVs. Sturdy heavy-duty corrugated construction withstands rough handling. Full-overlap (FOL) flaps on top and bottom for extra support. Cushion and protect your TV with S-1093 1/4" thick foam. Secure box with Heavy Duty Tape. 
Flip-Top File Box $6.50 flip top file box
15x12x10 EASY ACCESS Attached lid flips up for quick file access. Heavy-duty construction. Triple wall ends. Double wall bottom. Holds letter/legal-size files.
Dish Box $9.50 dish box
18x18x28 Extra strength protection for your fragile dishes and glasses. Suggested use: 7" Glasses, dishes. Box and partitions sold separately. 
Dish Pack Partition Kit $16.40 dish box kit
Extra strength protection for your fragile dishes. Dish Pack Partition Kit includes 3 sets of partitions and 2 pads. Box and partitions sold separately.


Small lock 1 3/4

laminated padlockSmall lock 1 3/4 $4.50
Chalet Value 1-3/4" laminated padlock double locking steel shackle carded for resale with 2 solid brass , chrome plated keys 5 pin solid brass tumber C-7645-CD-KD