Plastic Tape Gun $2.10
plastic tapegunHigh grade blue model with serrated blade reusable & compact holds 2" rolls of tape.
Metal Pistol Grip Tape Gun $6.65 metal tapegun
Serrated replaceable blade for easy cutting safety sealer 3" mandrel adjustable brake professional model holds 2" roll of tape.
Premium Clear Tape 2" x 55 yards $1.50 premium clear tape
Heavy duty 2.5 MIL backing outstanding clarity long term resistance to aging UV resistant.
Fragile Tape Kit $1.50fragile tape
Fragile Tape 2" x 20 yards w/ Dispenser Cutter FRAGILE message tape (printed in RED) great way to highlight and protect your boxes of breakable items! 
Mail Tape $1.50 mail tape
Mail Tape w/ Dispenser 2" x 20 yards clear packing tape on a dispenser with built in cutting blade for customers that need to ship a box or two.