Bubble & Shrink Wrap


Bubble Wrap - BIG Cushion Wrap Roll $50.00  
BIG Cushion Wrap Roll large roll 24" wide x 125' long great for customers that ship for a living 1/2" size bubbles perforated every foot for easy tear bubble roll
Bubble Wrap Medium Roll $2.30  
Cushion Wrap Roll 16" wide x 10' long perforated every foot for easy tear.  bubble roll
Bubble Wrap Small Roll. $2.50  
Cushion Wrap Roll 12" wide x 15' long perforated every foot for easy tear. bubble roll
Shrink Wrap with Lollipop Handle $8.30  
Stretch Wrap *Loillipop Handle* Roll 5" x 1000' secures furniture while moving. stretch wrap lollipop hand
Shrink Wrap with Rolling Pin Style Handle $17.90  
Stretch Wrap *Rolling Pin Style* 20" x 1000' protects furniture while moving great way to secure odd shaped items. stretch wrap rollingp hand